Web design is an important part of any website, when a user visits your website you have seconds to engage the user.

As a web developer, I not only understand that this is important, but a website can't just look 'pretty'. It also needs to function and be intuitive for the user.

I design clean and modern websites that are responsive, meaning that they will work on a range of devices, giving users a great experience no matter what device they are browsing your website on.


Web development is more about getting the structure and functionality of your website working. For many people they just want a nice looking website to promote a service or their business, but it's important to understand that your website can do much more than just this!

When developing websites, I mainly use the Content Management System, Drupal and or GatsbyJS. Using a CMS allows you to easily edit your website content without having to contact your developer, but also gives you a good foundation for developing new functionality that you may like to add in the future.


Website maintenance sounds really boring and it kinda is! That said it is very important that your website is maintained, no matter what your website is built using.

Having your website regularly updated keeps it secure and running. Websites that are not updated, are highly likely to be comprised and no one wants that!

Technical support

You might already have a site and would like some technical support to update the site or would like some advice on implementing a new feature.

Get in contact today to see how I can best help you.